As the high school midterm season rolls around, there is only one thing that can keep me going. Not the promise of a good grade through hard work, not even the fear of my grade going from a 90 to the ever-so-annoying 89, but coffee. I’m a bit obsessed. It has become my drug. The thought of surviving high school without coffee is unbearable. My love for coffee began during tech week, which is the week before a show which consists of grueling long rehearsals, for my school’s musical (which was Once Upon a Mattress). I had always thought coffee was disgusting and bitter, but the homework was piling up and with the late rehearsals, I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I gave in, and I have been hooked ever since. Over the years, my taste for coffee has definitely evolved. I really appreciate a good cup of coffee. Here are a few of my favorite drinks and coffee products!

Starbucks Caramel Macchiato: Sorry to sound like a total “white girl” but I truly believe that while it’s a bit pricy, Starbucks is worth an extra buck or two (see what I did there?!). Besides having amazing coffee, it is just a nice, relaxing place to sit and read or study. I have a lot of favorites at Starbucks, depending on my mood and the season, but my go-to is usually the Caramel Macchiato. It’s great both iced and hot, and the caramel flavor is perfect and not too overpowering. In some of the drinks at Starbucks, you taste the flavoring more than the coffee, but the Caramel Macchiato has the perfect balance. I also love the way it looks when it’s iced!

Dunkin’ Donuts Cinnamon Brown Sugar Latte: This delicious drink just came out recently I believe. I was anxious to try it, and I was not let down. If you like things that are super sweet, you will definitely love this! I actually ask for it with just milk and no sugar, but it is still almost sickeningly sweet, in a good way. It tastes more like brown sugar, but the hint of cinnamon is just right. This one is also great iced or hot, and iced is $0.99 all winter which is an extra bonus!
Keurig Machine: At home, my coffee of choice comes from the Keurig machine, which I believe is one of the greatest inventions ever created. It is the easiest thing to use, especially in the morning when you’re having one of those days where you want coffee but you feel like you would need to drink a cup of coffee before you have enough energy to get up and go make the coffee. Do other people have those days or is it just me? The Keurig is as simple as putting in a cup and pressing a button, and it makes a perfect cup of coffee.
Starbucks Sumatra Dark (K-cups): When I go out and get coffee, I tend to gravitate towards the sweeter, more elaborate drinks, but at home I like to keep it plain and simple. When I first started, my coffee had to taste like pure sugar in order for me to drink it and have a pleasurable experience.  Nowadays, at home I don’t use sugar and just put half and half in my coffee. Especially with Sumatra, the flavor of the coffee stands on its own, and I feel like the sugar blinds the actual flavor of the coffee. This coffee is rich, bold, smooth, and luxurious. It is also very strong which is ideal for long study sessions.
Enjoy! Love, The Perky Foodie :)

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