Boston Day 1

Last week, I went to Boston with my family to tour colleges, and of course the college tours were the most important part of my visit… But let’s be frank. It’s all about the food on any trip, right? Of course! I ate a lot of really great and interesting things on my trip, so naturally, I want to tell you about all of them! Here’s how it’s going to work. I’m going to go meal by meal for each day I was in Boston, and each day will be in a new blog post. Sound good? Great! Join me on my food (er.. college) tour of Boston! Let’s go! Day one.

We arrived in Boston midday on a Wednesday, and before even checking into our hotel, we headed over to one of the colleges I was touring. It was early afternoon and I wasn’t starving for lunch, but we had time to kill before our tour anyway, so I just wanted to get something light. Since we were in the school’s student union where the students eat lunch, there were many options with different food stations. I could have tried something from one of the booths that I had never seen before, but I saw a booth for Pinkberry at the corner of the room, and it was just calling my name. If you aren’t aware, Pinkberry is the premiere frozen yogurt chain of New York City. We don’t have any in my state, but I have been to the ones in the city loads of times and it never fails to please. I usually get just frozen yogurt with some exciting toppings, and I had never gotten a shake there before, so I ordered a strawberry pomegranate shake. The shake consisted of pomegranate frozen yogurt blended with fresh strawberries. It was so refreshing and the flavor was perfectly balanced between the sweetness of the strawberries and the tartness of the pomegranate. The color of the shake was a gorgeous hot pink, and it was not only delicious but pretty to look at too!  It was the ideal treat for a hot day of walking, and even though it wasn’t really a truly Bostonian meal, I thought it was worth acknowledgement.

For dinner that night, we stopped in Boston’s Chinatown. Actually, it should really just be called “Asiatown” because every Asian culture you could think of had stores and restaurants there. Awesome, needless to say. The restaurant we chose was a Vietnamese place called Pho Pasteur, a small and bright restaurant with a casual atmosphere which was packed to the brim with people devouring their vibrant bowls of Vietnamese delicacies. I was absolutely starving at this point but the entrées looked large, so my mom and I shared an appetizer and a main course. Our appetizer was tofu spring rolls, and our entreé was shrimp vermicelli, and they were both as delicious as they were light and simple. The spring rolls were stuffed with tofu and crisp veggies, and they came with a tangy and sweet sauce that was so good I literally ate with a spoon and scraped the bowl clean, then asked for more to dump into my vermicelli. Vermicelli are thin, clear rice noodles which soaked up this sauce wonderfully, and the noodles were topped with grilled shrimp, cucumber, bean sprouts, scallions, and mint. We all made extensive use of the various unique condiments in the center of the table; siracha and other types of chili sauces, and mini hot peppers which we dared my little brother to eat… good times.


As I mentioned before, I was starving before dinner. As I also mentioned our meal was quite light. Delicious, but light. Not a problem though.. more room for dessert! We wanted to go to a different restaurant for dessert in order to accomplish our goal of eating at as many good restaurants in Boston as possible, so my dad spent a minute on his phone researching, and announced “Okay, I know where we’re going, follow me”. We skeptically walked for about 20 minutes until we arrived in front of a place called Max Brenner. We walked in and were immediately hit with the rich, sugary smell of CHOCOLATE. CHOCOLATE. CHOCOLATE and more CHOCOLATE. (aka Heaven). Before we even sat down, I said, “I think we have come to the right place.” We argued over what to order for a while because everything on the menu just looked so darn good. From Salted Caramel Milkshakes to S’mores Crêpes to Truffle Tiramisu, everything on the menu looked delicious beyond belief. It was a bit pricey, (we spent as much money on dessert alone as we had on our main course at the Vietnamese restaurant), so we ended up ordering two things to share. The first, my choice, was the Crystal Sugar Churros Fondue, with muddled raspberries, warm toffee sauce and milk and  dark chocolate fondue for dipping. The churros were slightly crisp on the outside and softer in the middle when I bit into its sugary, fried deliciousness. The sauces were all a bit thin, so they stuck to the churros more like a glaze than a fondue sauce, but they were all wonderful compliments to the churros. The second dessert, my brother’s choice (I guess I have to give him credit for this one) was The Spectacular Melting Chocolate S’mores Sundae which consisted of chocolate peanut butter ice cream, layered with milk chocolate fondue, fluffy marshmallow, warm peanut butter sauce, and pure chocolate chunks, garnished with whipped cream and a toasted marshmallow, and served with white chocolate ganache. Do I even have to go any further? Ice cream isn’t usually my first choice dessert. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but it was never my favorite. But this ice cream was a whole different story. There was so much to it, and its sugary complexity made it the greatest ice cream sundae ever. A great way to end Day 1 of Boston. On to day 2…

Enjoy! Love, :) The Perky Foodie

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