The Sporkful

I really have an obsession with food. Actually, I really think about food way too often… Sometimes I wonder if there are any other crazy people out there that are as obsessed with food as I am– people that think about every little detail of food, every possible combination or slight nuance that could aid in the creation of a perfectly concocted bite.

Anyway, I think I have finally found a person who is on the same wavelength as I am, and that person is Dan Pashman of The Sporkful, a podcast that discusses the “ridiculous food minutiae”, the various methods, traditions, and seemingly insignificant details that compose the ideal culinary experience. Except for the fact that his show’s tagline is “It’s Not For Foodies — It’s for Eaters” (because I obviously consider myself both a foodie and an eater, and this show was definitely made for me), I think that he and I could totally be best friends. He interviews some of the most interesting food authorities in the business and picks their brains on all the hard-hitting questions about food, i.e. “Can a simple mashed avocado be considered guacamole?” and “What is the proper waffle-eating weather?” with the seriousness and interest of a news journalist and the passion of an artist or musician. As someone who is very serious about her food, I just get him. I admire his dedication and thoughts about all aspects of the perfect bite. Actually though, we would definitely have our fair share of arguments and debates. Unlike Pashman, I think eating food with a child’s saliva on it is completely revolting, and I do not think a Scoops tortilla chip is best eaten with the dome side up, but I certainly admire that these thoughts actually came into his mind, and that he had the guts to share these opinions with the world, and that he believed that there are weird food nerds just like him who have pondered the same exact things.

I discovered The Sporkful after my mom told me about an ad she had heard for this podcast on WNYC Radio, the station which sponsors it. I spent a three- hour ride to Connecticut listening along to episodes of the show and was completely entertained from beginning to end. Pashman’s heartfelt and hilarious interviews, love of great food, and curiosity make The Sporkful a joy to listen to. I learned, I laughed, and now, I can’t wait to try pizza crust wrapped inside the pizza itself, or maybe a falafel waffle sandwich! Sounds weird? Sounds awesome? Then this show is for you.

Enjoy! :) Love, The Perky Foodie

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