Um oops, I had this post ready since the summer and totally forgot about it hahaha… A little delayed, but here ya go!

My mom and I recently went to NYC to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime on Broadway which was an absolutely INCREDIBLE show. Just wow. So moving and beautiful. And what is a trip to NYC without a delicious NYC meal?! We decided to try David Burke’s fabrick for brunch! David Burke is a truly genius chef. I’m lucky enough to have tried one of his other restaurants before– The Fromagerie in Rumson, NJ which sadly just closed a few months ago. Burke’s food is amazing and unique! He has gained a lot of fame in recent years for his pink Himalayan sea salt cooking. He has a patented technique for using a brick of this salt to dry-age meat! So cool!

One of David Burke’s four New York City restaurants, fabrick is located inside the very trendy Archer Hotel on West 38th Street. No typos here by the way– fabrick is spelled with a lowercase “f”–probably just to be trendy, and a “ck” so it is not just fabric, but fa(BRICK) as a nod to the brick walls of the Garment District, the area of the city in which the restaurant is located (also garments = clothes → fabric) AND because of Burke’s famous Himalayan sea salt bricks! *cue the “ohhh”*

The restaurant serves hotel guests and the public for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and Brunch on the weekends. This restaurant has really modern, but cozy and playful decor– there’s a birdcage chandelier, bright primary color accents, exposed brick walls, and cheery yellow daisies on each table.

Especially when I go out to eat with my mom, I always like to share a few dishes so I can taste as many things as possible! We shared three amazing plates– Smoked Pastrami Salmon Flatbread, Hamachi Tartare, and Quinoa and Fruit Salad!

The Smoked Pastrami Salmon Flatbread was a kind of play on a bagels and lox pizza! The crust was a perfect texture– just the right cross between crunchy and chewy. It was topped with layers of gorgeous spice rubbed smoked salmon, pickled shallots, capers, mustard seeds, and fresh horseradish cream. It was so perfect. The salmon was incredibly flavorful and not at all fishy, and the salty capers balanced the horseradish cream very nicely. This dish was unique and pretty spectacular.

Then, there was a Quinoa and Fruit Salad with Tuscan kale and a light vinaigrette. I never would have thought of putting kale or quinoa in a fruit salad, but it was a brilliant idea and they all just worked so well together! It was a really interesting mix of textures and flavors. There was lots of mint in the dressing which brought out the flavor of the fruit. This dish was simple and let the fresh ingredients shine!

Next was the Hamachi Tartare. This wonderfully fresh raw fish was topped with a light and airy coconut foam and plated with a spicy sweet chili-soy vinaigrette and colorful watermelon. I wanted to drink that yummy sauce! I was in looove with everything about this Hamachi Tartare. It was a true work of art. This dish was like sunshine on a plate and it tasted as beautiful and bright as it looked!

Yet again, David Burke has been responsible for one of the best meals I’ve had. The service here was great and our waiter was super friendly. Hooray for great restaurants and great food!

Enjoy! :) Love, The Perky Foodie

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