Food at Muhlenberg

I loved being home for winter break! It was so great to finally relax, hang out with family and friends, and get around to doing all the stuff I wanted to do but didn’t have time for at school! Like blogging! But it is sooo good to be back at ‘Berg! In honor of returning to my happy place, I wanted to give you a brief review of Muhlenberg’s dining options!

I’ve been meaning to give you a little dining hall brag for a while because I feel like it’s totally necessary. Before I began college, I had heard that all dining hall food is boring and blah and bland. Not at my school though! Muhlenberg’s food has been rated 17th in the country for Best Campus Food by Princeton Reviewand one of The 14 Best College Dining Halls in America!

Our dining hall, Wood Dining Commons, serves a huge variety of food with options for any taste! They really try to get students to be adventurous and taste foods from many different cultures. A lot of the food is really unique and super delicious! They use real fresh ingredients, often even noting the farms that the fruits and veggies come from in the descriptions of the dishes! There are also lots of great staples that they have every day, like a grill station, a sandwich station, a pasta station, a salad bar, and omelet stations on the weekends. The dining hall does a great job of making great food accessible to anyone, too. They always mark the food that is gluten free and vegetarian, and there are two Kosher stations (one for meat and one for dairy) that have food that’s just as flavorful as the rest of the food!

Look at the fooooood….

I love the days when they make handmade pasta! I also like mixing and matching from different stations, so I paired the pasta with chicken from the grill and a yummy kale salad.

Dessert is a must!! There’s a frozen yogurt machine which is wonderful, and the cookies and other desserts are great! I especially love the soft, chewy snickerdoodle cookies!

Korean BBQ chicken and veggies!

Fridays are the BEST because of Wokabilities!! It’s a stir-fry bar and you can choose from rice or noodles, chicken or tofu, and tons of yummy vegetables in a delicious stir-fry sauce! The inevitable long line is really annoying but totally worth it.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup! Perfect for a chilly day.

Turkish street food day?! Yum!

I always get really excited when they make homemade Pizza Rustico!!! Yumyumyum…

What a pretty salad!

Steak, veggies, and mashed potatoes make me super happy!

Kind of obsessed with these granola bars.


Who says Kosher food has to be boring?! Mushroom quesadillas with the works on the left, Israeli Shakshuka (egg baked in tomato sauce) and couscous to the right! Also, they make really great falafel!

We also have a few other food options on campus– Mule Express, General’s Quarters (GQ), Java Joe’s, and Freshens!

Mule Express has a different option each day of the week, and each meal is served in a little take-out container for on-the-go eating! The only Mule Express meal that I’m really into is Mac and Cheese Tuesdays! Mac and Cheese is the best guilty pleasure!

GQ is another option that’s great for when you’re in a hurry. They have pretty much anything– soups and salads, sandwiches, chips and ice cream, burgers, and even sushi! My friends and I are mildly obsessed (randomly) with the veggie sushi. It’s a perfect healthy snack or light meal on the go! The ‘Bergers Grill section of GQ is great any time of the day but it’s especially great past midnight when all you want is fries, mozzarella sticks, or nutella french toast! Yummmm..

Java Joe’s is our coffee shop which serves Starbucks drinks! What would I do without Starbucks in my life?!? I love stopping by for a mid-day pick me up Chai Latte or Cappuccino and I also love the satisfaction of getting my reward card punched bringing me closer to that free cup of coffee on my eleventh punch…

Iced green tea and a “Mule Ear” (like an elephant ear cookie)

I think my favorite place to eat on campus is Freshens, located in the Life Sports Center. I randomly had two classes in LSC last semester, so I basically lived in Freshens. They serve amazing smoothies– my favorite is actually the Oh Kale! smoothie which is kale, spinach, and lots of other greens, pineapple, mango, and mango sorbet. Don’t be scared of the greens, it’s SO GOOD. They also have lots of healthy and delicious sandwiches and salads to choose from as well as frozen yogurt. Oh, and did I mention CREPES?!

Chicken Pesto Crepe!

They have both sweet and savory crepes that are true perfection! Now that I don’t have classes in that building anymore, maybe Freshens can be motivation for me to go to the gym..? Maaaybeee…

Muhlenberg’s food is just one of the many reasons I love my school! Yaaay college!!! Yaaay food!!!

Enjoy! :) Love, The Perky Foodie

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