French Chocolate Silk Pie

Recently, I finally decided to share The Perky Foodie with the world, and I couldn’t be more happy that I did. I am incredibly grateful for everyone’s kind words of support and positive feedback. Friends, strangers, whoever, welcome! I hope you enjoy taking this fun food journey with me! Here’s the link to my Facebook page so that you can stay updated whenever I post on the blog:

In other news, I made a pie. Not just any pie. A French Chocolate Silk Pie! Allow me to set the scene for you. It was a snowy Friday night in, and I woke up from my two hour nap (yeah, two hours…) to the smell of my mom’s homemade baked ziti. After my delicious dinner, I resumed my spot on the couch to watch tv and take a leisurely scroll through Pinterest for my ultimate lazy night. I was cheerfully pinning, well rested, and content, when all of a sudden, I saw it. A recipe for French Silk Pie. The picture sent my pulse racing. I needed that pie. I felt an inexplicable need to make that pie immediately. And so, I did.

A few minor mishaps along the way did not halt my successful pie making. Okay.. maybe it was more than a few mishaps. Mishap #1: I needed two sticks of butter and only had one. No problem! My mom suggested I also use shortening which worked just fine. Mishap #2: Promptly after my decision to use shortening, my dog hopped up on the counter and grabbed the one stick of butter, proceeding to run around my house in circles with it as if it were a tennis ball. Mishap #3: I opened the bag of chocolate chips apparently with brutal, violent force, and the bag exploded. Chocolate chips everywhere. UGH. Mishap #4: I used a frozen, pre-made pie crust which we had had in the freezer for a while, and the wear and tear of other objects being placed on top of it caused it to break. I had to press and piece the crust together like a puzzle. Mishap #5: I didn’t have whipped cream for the top. This wasn’t too much of a mishap because I knew we had coconut milk which can make really good whipped cream! Mishap #6: The coconut milk whipped cream recipe I found required the coconut milk to sit in the refrigerator for five hours. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I put the can in the freezer for an hour instead, and it didn’t solidify like it was supposed to. My whipped cream was really more of a sweet coconut milk soup, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Mishap #7: The recipe called for four eggs, but I decided for some reason that three was enough. This texture difference caused my slices to be less than perfect looking…

None of these mishaps really mattered all that much though because what’s most important is how it tastes! And it tasted pretty darn good! It’s called Silk Pie for a reason– the luscious, smooth texture was silky perfection. It was so sweet and rich that I had to stop after a tiny slice. The coconut whipped cream was a nice choice flavor-wise because it wasn’t as sweet as the pie itself. It balanced nicely and was a cool, refreshing topping for the chocolatey pie and buttery crust, and a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa powder on top finished off the pie with a pretty garnish! Pie craving solved. Happy lazy night made.

Here’s the recipe for the pie:

and for the Coconut whipped cream (try to follow the instructions unlike me…):

Enjoy! :) Love, The Perky Foodie

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