Poached Egg & Avocado Toast

I follow about a billion food Instagrams, and so as I was scrolling through my newsfeed one day over winter break, I saw about a billion poached eggs with avocado toast in a row. This dish is almost too trendy. I took this as a sign– I must learn how to poach an egg so I can make this. It was my dad’s day off so he was home and had offered to make breakfast with me, so I thought that this would be the perfect dish to try! The recipe I used for Simple Poached Egg and Avocado Toast was from one of my favorite food blogs, Pinch of Yum! I love Lindsay Ostrom’s quirky and fun writing style and her delicious, pretty, and creative recipes!

As I have mentioned before, I’m in love with eggs cooked in any way (check out some of my favorites here!), and I love eating poached eggs when I go out to eat, but making them myself always seemed sooo scary to me. They’re intimidating, not gonna lie. But they are actually way easier than I expected! The recipe says to use the rims of Mason jars to keep the eggs intact while they sit in the boiling water, but we didn’t have any Mason jars, so we got creative and used circle-shaped cookie cutters which worked just as well! The recipe says to poach the eggs for 4-5 minutes, so we did 4 because I love runny eggs. After 4 the whites weren’t totally cooked, but 5 ended up being perfect!

Mine weren’t quite as beautiful as the pictures from the recipe, but they came out wonderfully! The runny egg was soooo beyond delicious when it oozed onto the creamy mashed avocado and soaked into the toasted whole wheat bread. Tomato is always a great combo with eggs, and they were a perfect addition to brighten up the dish! I didn’t have any fresh herbs lying around, so I used dried oregano and basil, but if you do have fresh herbs, definitely go for those instead. Fresh is always better than dried, but use whatever you’ve got! And a little grated parmesan cheese never hurts. It’s the perfect finishing touch!

This recipe is so quick and simple– altogether it took under ten minutes to make– so if you’re looking for a filling, delicious, and quick breakfast, you should definitely give this a try! Now that I know how to make poached eggs, I am probably literally going to put them on everything because a runny egg makes everything better! Happy eating, foodies!

Enjoy! :) Love, the Perky Foodie

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