Raw Manuka Honey

Whole Foods is a magical place for the health food lover in me. Don’t get me wrong– I go nuts over my mac and cheese and french fries– but also I love eating healthy food that makes me feel good and makes my body happy. There are so many items at Whole Foods that I adore from the vegan ice cream to the fried golden tofu to the fresh produce. But, I have a new favorite, and I think it will forever rival all the others. It is Honeydrop’s Raw Manuka Honey, Apple, Ginger, and Lemon juice.

Manuka honey is an ingredient that I was already familiar with. It is a type of honey made only in New Zealand by bees who pollinate manuka bushes. It is known to have medicinal qualities, and can heal wounds, boost your immune system, treat stomach problems, and more. But most of all, it’s delicious. It is thicker and sweeter than average honey, and has a bit more of a floral and exotic flavor. My mom bought it once for her stomach problems, but after I tasted it out of curiosity, I was hooked too. We were both stirring it in our tea on a regular basis and even eating it by the spoonful (like I do with Nutella…)! However, we don’t have it at home too often because it’s super expensive. Maybe that’s because it is only made by one specific type of bee that pollinates one specific type of bush in New Zealand? Yup…

Well, not surprisingly, this Manuka honey based drink from Whole Foods is also quite pricy. I believe it sells for around $6 per bottle. It is worth a try at least once though or every so often as a treat! It is so refreshing. It awakens your tastebuds and invigorates your entire body. After taking a sip, I felt like I could run a marathon or cure cancer or something. For real. Okay, maybe not… But you get my point. It’s a sunset of fruity tangy liquid gold. I loved that I was able to taste every ingredient equally, and it’s balanced and bright flavor made me happy all over. I highly, highly recommend this fantastic drink!

Enjoy! :) Love, the Perky Foodie

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