Snack Time!

So, I was going to call this post Snacks for Those Times When You’re Too Hungry for a Bag of Chips But Also Not Hungry Enough For a Full-On Meal and You’re Also Sort of Lazy but Kind of Feeling Creative… but then I decided against it because that’s a really obnoxious title. Oh well. But for real, I find myself in this awkward stage between hungry and not that hungry quite often. Especially after school! So here’s a list of my favorite substantial snacks.

Mug Cakes- I am eternally craving cake. But I’m not going to whip out all those ingredients and an electric mixer for just one slice. Note the “Lazy” part of the almost-title. There are so many recipes on the internet (I find mine mostly on Pinterest) for delicious cakes made in the microwave for one! They usually take minutes to make and taste just as great as a cake that was baked in the oven. Gooey on the inside and hassle-free, mug cakes are a great way to treat your everyday craving for sweets! Just be careful with your measurements for these because since the ingredients are in such small quantities, they need to be pretty specific. Here’s a basic recipe that I like:

Trail Mix- Nuts are one of the best things to have as a snack because they’re so filling! I am not the biggest nut lover if they’re just plain nuts, so I like to add some sweetness. Here’s my ideal trail mix: toasted pecans, peanuts, and oats with a little honey and vanilla extract mixed in before going in the oven, sweetened coconut, raisins, and craisins. We always keep this on hand in my house and it’s so easy to make. As long as you don’t burn the nuts like I always do…

Jazzed-Up Mac n’ Cheese- Regular old easy mac is fine, but I think that plain, artificial mac n’ cheese is just screaming for a few accessories. I like to add whatever cheese I have on hand and as much of it as possible. I really really love cheese. The more cheese the better. Real cheese makes easy mac more more real and homemade tasting! Add spices too like cracked black pepper and a little cayenne. You can get so creative with mac and cheese! I like to make a whole box, stick it in the refrigerator, and heat up snack sized servings when I’m ready for them

Ricotta and Honey Toast- This one freaks some people out. I know it sounds like the strangest combination. I get it. But you just need to believe me. A schmear of ricotta on whole wheat toast with a drizzle of honey is creamy sweet heaven. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

Enjoy! :) Love, The Perky Foodie

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