The Perky Foodie Is Off to College!

Hellooo everyone!! I’M LEAVING FOR COLLEGE TOMORROW!!! I’m freaking out, but so excited! I can’t wait to begin the next four years at Muhlenberg! I just wanted to give out an update on what’s going to happen with the blog for the future. I might not post as often as I have in the past because 1. College work load, 2. Busy schedule, 3. I’m not sure about good restaurants in Allentown (but if you have any good recommendations, I would love to hear!!), and 4. Most of my meals will be in the dining hall anyway. I’m sure there will be some blog posts on the dining hall food (which is ranked #14 in the country by Huffington post and #17 by Princeton Review, woooh!!), and also some on what I eat in my dorm, too! I’m going to get super creative, don’t you worry! I’ve also brought a couple of cookbooks and I’ll always have Pinterest for recipes that I’m going to try out because there’s a public kitchen in my dorm building! On top of that, I still have a few posts left over from the summer that I’ve saved, so I’ll be posting those eventually as well! The Perky Foodie will still be alive and well even in college, I promise. See ya soon!

Enjoy! :) Love, The Perky Foodie

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