The Raven Tea Room

I graduated high school. I graduated high school. I graduated high school. I have to keep saying it over and over again because I just cannot believe it. Four years filled with millions of memories– ups and downs, stress, fun, and everything in between with the people I grew up with have come to an end. I didn’t think I would be sad because for the longest time I could not wait to get out of the prison that is high school, but this whole thing is just so bittersweet. I think I might actually miss it. That being said, I am so excited to begin a new chapter of my life and see what the future holds!

And what is a major life event without a celebration meal? My parents, brother, grandparents, and I went to The Raven Tea Room, the little lunch restaurant which is an extension of Fair Haven’s The Raven and the Peach. I have been to the Raven and the Peach a couple of times before for special occasions, and the food is exceptional. It’s real fine dining with no lack of luxury, so it’s definitely a bit pricey, but also definitely worth it. The Raven Tea Room, which is right next door is similarly delicious food at a much lower price and in a much smaller setting. Only nine tables to be precise! It’s a good thing we had a reservation!

The food is made by just one chef, Chef Hernan, who makes each and every meal by hand in a cute little kitchen that you can see into. The menu made me way too excited.There were so many absolutely beautiful sounding sandwiches, soups, salads, and other dishes to choose from. Filet mignon salad, grilled yellowfin rare tuna and cucumber salad, vegetable couscous soup, garden veggie and mozzarella wrap–  I literally wanted everything. I finally decided on grilled Cajun spicy shrimp seasoned with spicy oil and served with wilted spinach, a dollop of sour cream, and half an avocado stuffed with tomato cilantro salsa. The shrimp were blackened and grilled to perfection. The juice from the fresh salsa and the mound of sauteed spinach trickled into the sour cream, gradually creating a creamy sauce which pooled under the gorgeous shrimp as the meal went on. Sooooo gooorgeouusssss!

For dessert, we split two lovely treats for the table. One was a vanilla bean creme brulee and the other was a warm brownie with ice cream. I absolutely adore creme brulee. If it is on the menu, there is a 99.999% chance I will order it. this one was wonderful. It had the characteristic ideal crunch of hardened sugar on top, and the inside was light, creamy, and swirled with a milky way of black dots from the vanilla bean. Then, the brownie was a wonderland of fudgy deliciousness. There is just something about a warm dessert with cold ice cream on top that makes me so incredibly happy. The brownie was chocolate on chocolate on chocolate– exactly what a brownie should be.


Graduation lunch- check! GRADUATION- check! Next up- best summer ever and then college, here I come! Woohoooo!!!

P.S. Also…. super duper exciting post coming on the 25th!!! Get ready!!!

Enjoy! Love, The Perky Foodie :)

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