The Sandbox Café

Hello my lovely foodie friends! Before I get to the good stuff (the food, duh) I just wanted to let you all know what’s been going on with the blog. As I have shared on Facebook, I have been having some issues and technical difficulties lately. I run The Perky Foodie through which has been giving me a ton of trouble. I will often try to access the website and get a screen that says “502/504 Gateway Error”, which is annoying, but after refreshing the site a few times I am usually able to get to the blog. Last week however, I got that screen a few times, and after refreshing several times nothing changed. I waited a day, and tried again– still nothing! A full WEEK later I was finally able to get back on. I was directed by a few different people to some online forums on which many people were having the same issue as me. Even though I got my blog back, now the images won’t load on a lot of my posts, I still get the Gateway Error page almost every time I try to access the blog, and it has been very slow in general. This all has been very very frustrating. It still won’t let me post my pictures, so I will post them on Facebook until lets me insert them into the post.

Since way back when I started, I had the idea that having The Perky Foodie on was going to be temporary. I thought it was a good place to start since it’s free and has a lot of templates so making the blog was easy for a beginner blogger like myself. Other than the technical difficulties I mentioned before, there are many other things I don’t like about having my blog here– it makes me have a banner which I don’t get to pick on top of posts with pictures, doesn’t let me put accents like the “é” for café in the title, and many more annoying little things like that. I always wanted to make a real website, and I think that now is a good time to get myself the heck off and make a gorgeous new home for my blog! It’s definitely going to take some time and some work, so I’m not switching right this minute, but I just wanted to let you guys know my plans! I am so excited to design a website, and as always, I am so grateful for everyone’s advice and support!

Now for the fun! From Tuesday to Thursday I went to my fabulous friend Isabelle’s beach house in LBI! She certainly took me out of my comfort zone in some ways– I went under some super scary giant ocean waves and didn’t die and I went into a super scary large crowd of sweaty dancing people and (still didn’t die). Delicious food however is certainly right in my comfort zone and there was no shortage of delicious food! Especially when we went out to brunch at the Sandbox Café! This place is beyond adorable. Kitchy and eclectic garden decorations– everything from lizards to lobsters, and signs everywhere make Sandbox a fun, beachy wonderland! All of the restaurant’s seating is outside under a few umbrellas and awnings with a small kitchen inside.

Upon receiving my delicious cup of coffee, I realized that everyone had a different mismatched mug! Isabelle’s was a Hershey mug, mine was from a bank, and I noticed a mug from Disney World, one with martini glasses on it, one with paw prints, and more! I thought this idea was so darn cute and homey. I mean, who uses matching mugs in their own kitchen?

Isabelle and I ordered two things to share. First was the Sandbox Omelette, filled with spinach, artichokes parmesan cheese. You know how much I love eggs! As far as omelettes go, when they’re thick and super eggy they’re okay, but I tend to prefer a lighter omelette. I loved how thin and perfectly cooked the egg was in this omelette, and the thinness of the eggs let the delectable filling shine. I always love the delicious combo of spinach and artichoke, and so naturally I love it in eggs!

Then… we had the Sizzler. Isabelle hadn’t tried it before, but she had heard it described as a “deep dish pancake”. What the heck is a deep dish pancake? I was intrigued. I needed to experience the Sizzler for myself. We decided on the chocolate chip Sizzler with sweet cream cheese. It was so… beautiful. A dense, thick, chewy, pancake mountain baked in a crock and swirled with decadent chocolate and creamy, sweet filling. It’s dessert for breakfast, and it is so many kinds of wonderful.

This whimsical and quirky little restaurant is one of a kind, and definitely a winner!

Enjoy! Love, The Perky Foodie :)

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