Overnight Oats

Hey, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted a recipe, hasn’t it?

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I’ve always wanted to try an overnight oats recipe 1) because they’re trendy and you can put them in Mason jars and I am a slave to the #aesthetic and 2) because I am Lazy with a capital L (which conveniently also stands for Loser because let’s face it, my Mason jar aesthetic certainly does make me a Loser). I’m especially lazy when it comes to breakfast, so this recipe was a perfect one for me because it was super easy! You pretty much mix some stuff together, throw it in the fridge, and wake up with breakfast! I also love recipes that are flexible, and you can definitely adjust this recipe according to your taste buds. I used nectarines and blueberries this time around, but you can really use whatever fruit you have on hand. Like it healthier? Maybe try using almond milk or coconut milk instead! Like it less healthy? Throw some chocolate chips in there! The guidelines and ratios are in the recipe below, but the rest is up to you!


The oats combined with chia seeds create a wonderfully creamy pudding texture. Paired with fresh fruit and the added sweetness from the honey and maple syrup, it’s uniquely flavored breakfast that’s so yummy and perfect for a busy morning!



This breakfast is a really filling and healthy way to start the day!


Serves 2.


1 cup Flavahan’s 3-Minute Oatmeal

1 ½ cups low fat milk

4 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp honey (plus extra for assembly)

1 ½ tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla

Fruit of choice– I used nectarines and blueberries!


  1. Mix oats, milk, chia seeds, honey, maple syrup, and vanilla in medium-sized bowl.

    2.  Spoon ⅓ of the mixture into bowl (or Mason jar if you’re as basic as I am), then drizzle honey and some fresh fruit. Repeat twice. You can leave the final layer of oatmeal fruit and honey-less to finish plating in the morning.

   3.   Chill in refrigerator overnight.

   4.   Serve cold with a bit more fresh fruit & another drizzle of honey on top!


This post was created in partnership with Flavahan’s Oatmeal; I received samples of their product in order to create a recipe, but this is not a sponsored post. Check them out at http://www.flahavans.com!



Enjoy! 🙂 Love, The Perky Foodie

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  1. LB says:

    i’m a big fan of overnight oats! i always prepare these so i can grab one to eat on my morning commute. that fruit looks wonderful and i’ll definitely try this variation!


  2. Steven says:

    Those pictures make over night oats the spectacular breakfast they are!!! Yeahhh


  3. Ben says:

    I am definitely trying this!!


  4. Love this! And your pictures look great. Yummmm

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂


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