I’ve been working right down the street from an absolute gem the whole summer and of course I didn’t find this spot until my second to last week…


Silvana is a contemporary Middle Eastern restaurant in West Harlem, and it’s pretty much everything I could ever want and more in a café. Fantastic (and inexpensive) food, strong coffee… and it’s also super pretty and boho AND it’s not only a restaurant, but an artsy boutique as well!


Also, as if that was not enough, Silvana has a secret… Well, I guess it’s technically not a secret because it’s on their website… but it felt like a secret. I didn’t know this when I came to visit, but there’s a whole downstairs area that becomes a club at night?! Could this place get any cooler?!

Photo courtesy of Yelp

I could hang out in their upstairs café all day. The atmosphere, great lighting, and chill music just make me want to linger and enjoy the ~vibes~. And they have WiFi! All the more reason to hang out awhile. My one hour lunch break wasn’t enough!


I sat on a swivel seat at a large wooden communal table and swiveled my booty side to side with joy while I ordered an iced coffee, which was excellent and served generously– my glass was filled to the brim when I received it– and the Sabich Sandwich.

vsco-photo-1 2.jpg

Upon describing it to my mother her words were “omg. dream sandwich”. Dream sandwich, indeed. A fluffy pita pocket (I opted for whole wheat) overflowed with smoky fried eggplant, creamy tahini and hummus, Israeli salad (tomatoes & cucumbers), crunchy pickles, radishes, and tender fried potatoes. You may have noticed I said fried potatoes and not fries– the menu calls them “fluffy potato chips”… I don’t really know what to call them, but whatever they were, these battered, sauteéd potatoes were the best part of the sandwich for sure. They gave it substance, bite, and a whole lot of flavor!  

vsco-photo-3 2.jpg

This sandwich brought me back to shawarma I had in Israel, and while few things can rival Israeli shawarma, this came pretty darn close!

Enjoy! Love, The Perky Foodie 🙂

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