Hi, I am Rachel Brudner, The Perky Foodie– a NJ/PA/NYC-based gal on the hunt for all the most wonderful foods in the land! I’m also a student at Muhlenberg College with majors in Theatre and Media & Communications and a minor in Spanish! 

I created this blog in 2014 because food has always been special to me. It may sound a little corny, but I believe that food is something to be celebrated because all food has a story. Good food is not just there to be eaten. It is meant to be savoured, enjoyed, shared and to make you feel as spectacular as it tastes. That is why I started the blog– to share with you all of my wonderful food experiences! It’s an adventure of sorts… some recipes, some restaurant reviews, some stories about the food I love to eat, and hopefully lots of happiness and fun along the way!


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