Little Prince & Popbar


A couple of weeks is a LONG TIME to not see people you normally spend almost every minute with, so I was so happy I got to see some of my ‘Berg besties in the city last week! We had lots of fun exploring NYC together even if it led to a phone dropped in the toilet and almost missing all of our trains… ya know, the usual.

We had a crazy good brunch though. It’s no secret that I am obnoxiously and madly in love with brunch. Breakfast is great, lunch is great, but brunch, YESSS!! Brunch is definitely the most important meal. We brunched (as I’ve mentioned before, brunch is a verb!) at a wonderful little place called Little Prince! It’s a cozy bistro in trendy SoHo that serves some really amazing food.

First, because you know how much I looove coffee, I had a cappuccino. At first, I was like, “Ohh… well I had coffee already this morning… so I really shouldn’t…” and then my friends were like “We know you’re gonna end up getting the cappuccino so just get it”, and then I was like, “Yeah”. Typical. Often, cappuccinos taste more like the pillow of milk foam on top than actual coffee, but this one was coffee all the way. Of course, the pretty cloud of froth on top was lovely, but the star of this cappuccino was the coffee underneath. It was STRONG, just how I like it! This capp meant business.

Then, I ordered the Short Rib Hash. Two perfectly fried, runny eggs topped with pickled onions, grated pecorino cheese, and chives, rested on a bed of beef short rib, herbs, roasted potatoes, and parsnips? turnips? both? I can never quite tell the difference.

The pieces of short rib were pull-apart tender, and the hash was so flavorful, especially when the perfectly fried egg’s yolk glazed it with golden deliciousness. I also loved the addition of the pickled onions because they gave a perfect bright acidity to the savory eggs and hash. I was so sad when I finished eating this dish because I truly did not want it to end!

I can’t wait to try Little Prince for dinner as well! Absolutely loved this place!

After walking around SoHo, stopping in a few cute boutiques and doing lots of window shopping along the way, we found ourselves in the West Village, where we spotted Popbar! Gelato on a stick?! Make your own popsicles?! Yes please! I recognized Popbar from its feature on one of my favorite shows, Cooking Channel’s Unique Sweets, so I was really excited to try their delicious pops! Their gelato, sorbetto, and frozen yogurt popsicles are made fresh daily from the best ingredients. The different colorful flavors are lined up in a case and gorgeous and impossible to resist! First, you pick your flavor of Popbar– the flavors include everything from green tea, to giandula (chocolate hazelnut), to blood orange. Then you choose your “Poppings”, from a choice of almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, coconut, chocolate sprinkles, caramel corn, and crushed waffle cones. Last, you can dip the whole thing in chocolate!

For my Popbar creation, I decided to get a coconut gelato bar coated in crushed waffle cones and dipped in salted caramel dark chocolate! Are you drooling? I am. And yes. It was just as good as it sounds. The luscious gelato was filled with tons of sweet shredded coconut and was rich in creamy flavor. The waffle cones gave a delicious crunch, and my half-dip of smooth, sweet caramel chocolate was the perfect finish to an amazing deessert. I am in love with Popbar!

I had such a fun (and very delicious) day in the city with my girls and can’t wait for next semester to go on more foodie adventures with them!!

Enjoy! :) Love, The Perky Foodie

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