The French Market


My friend Sam works at a place that just opened in Rumson called the French Market, and my friend Julia and I recently had the pleasure of eating there! It’s a French-inspired café selling artisan pastries, crepes, sandwiches, breads, and cheese. The French Market is so lovely. It’s a cute little building with a dark exterior and greenhouse in progress in the back, and the inside is just as pretty! It has a modern french ambiance– marble, gold, chalkboards, pretty plants, jazzy french music– it’s so classy and chic!

I got to meet one of the owners and the chef as well, and they were both so warm and friendly! It was great to be able to meet the people who created this wonderful little place.  Sam told me that the chef also has another restaurant, located in Staten Island, and that he works crazy hours to be able to bring his delicious cooking to both his restaurants and make them the best they can be! Let me tell you– his dedication has paid off.

First, Julia and I shared the Le Jubilee sandwich– fresh burrata cheese and fig jam on cranberry walnut bread. Have you ever had burrata? It’s actually my favorite cheese of all time. It appears to be just regular old mozzarella, but it is so much more. When it’s cut open, a luscious center filled with cream and ribbons of more mozzarella spill out. Yes. It is as magical as it sounds. I wanted to live inside that burrata cheese. (I was told that they also sell TRUFFLE burrata cheese. I need to come back for that yumyumyum). Looking at my sandwich, I thought the bread would overwhelm it since the slices were so big, but it was actually perfect. The creamy cheese and sweet figs oozed into each other between the hearty cranberry walnut bread. In the words of Julia, “It’s a sexy sandwich”.

Of course, you know I had to try the coffee. Sam recommended the Macchiato, but gave me a disclaimer first– “It’s not like a Starbucks Macchiato”. He said he had a running joke with a customer who comes in almost every day who orders the Macchiato as a “not Starbucks”, which I thought was pretty funny. Starbucks macchiatos are delicious but they don’t really taste that much like coffee– half of them is milk and then pumps of flavoring are swirled through. This, however, was real coffee– shots of fabulous espresso and lots of milk foam. The frothy milk on the top and the perfect coffee underneath made me so very happy.. If I lived closer, I’d definitely come in and order the “not Starbucks” every day!

Then… the Chocolate Suicide. This is a lava cake type of situation with a gooey chocolate center and divine, rich chocolate cake. We joked that when it got heated up, the Chocolate Suicide committed suicide, because it kind of exploded, bleeding lovely chocolate everywhere. It was positively divine. It’s a flourless cake so it also happens to be gluten free… That basically means it’s healthy, right?

And then Sam was like, “Do you want truffles?”. So we were like, “Of course we want truffles”. How does a person say no to a truffle? It’s basically impossible. And so, we had truffles. Chocolate Cognac truffles, to be specific. Decadent chocolate gems rolled in powdered sugar… Also gluten free I might add. This is a health kick I could get used to.

As if all this wasn’t enough… As we’re about to leave, still recovering from our overdose of rich and delicious food, the chef says, “You’re going to leave without trying New York’s best almond croissant?!”. I really truly have no willpower. I took one home and shared it with my mom a few hours later… It was wonderful. It was a very unique croissant, different from any I’ve ever had. For one thing, it didn’t really look like the croissants I’m used to. The flavor was sensational. It was somehow moist but flaky at the same time, and the almond filling was a true delight.

There is nothing else like the French Market in that area, and I think it fits in perfectly. This place definitely has a long (and delicious) life ahead of itself! I can’t wait to come back and try the crepes, cheeses, and other delicacies that they have to offer! After my first meal there, I felt like I became burrata cheese– round, happy, and stuffed with cream. It was a good day.

Enjoy! Love, The Perky Foodie :)

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