The Hummus House

I’m heading back to ‘Berg so very soon, and I cannot wait!!! So while I not-so-patiently sit here daydreaming of picnics beside Victor’s Lament, fun nights out with the most wonderful people, loads of auditions, a capella love, and late-night runs to GQ, I’ll tell you about my mid-summer visit to my favorite place in the world! A couple of weeks ago I got to make a quick trip back to Muhlenberg with my friend, Natalie, to see our friend Kiara and many other super talented friends in two of Muhlenberg’s summer theatre shows!

When we arrived, Kiara suggested we walk over to a place called The Hummus House for dinner; I had heard of it before but had no idea it was within walking distance from school and didn’t know of anyone who had been there, so it wasn’t really on my radar. And it probably still wouldn’t have been if I walked past it or went inside, because it gives off a hole-in-the-wall deli vibe. BUT THE FOOD. Wonderous, I tell you.


Natalie and Kiara are two of my favorite veggie/gourmet-healthy-food-loving friends, so the menu at Hummus House was a dream come true for us all. Mediterranean food like homemade baked falafel, a multitude of hummuses (hummusi?), and beautiful sandwiches and salads– I knew I couldn’t go wrong with anything I ordered from the looks of this menu! I actually felt like I was reading a food blog while I was reading the menu because they didn’t just list the ingredients of each dish, but described them in a way that made my mouth water and my heart soar. I could tell I was in for a good one.  

Of course, we had to try some hummus at The Hummus House, duh, so we decided to share one of the daily special hummuses (or -i, choose your own adventure), the Spinach Garlic Hummus. Now, when I say “Spinach Garlic Hummus” I am pretty sure the first toppings that came to your mind for such a hummus were not pomegranate and walnuts, (or maybe they were and you’re a genius?), but WOW what a genius move.


This savory, incredibly flavorful, creamy hummus was made even more wonderful by sweet and tart pomegranate seeds, earthy crushed walnuts, a drizzle of olive oil, and a dash of spices. It was hummus heaven.


And of course, it was served with pita to dip. This whole wheat pita was thinner than most pita I’ve had, which I liked because it allowed the hummus to be the star. And what a star it was.


After much contemplation, I decided to order the Veggie Panini (vowing to go for the falafel next time).


This panini was served on hearty seven grain bread and loaded with veggies– grilled eggplant and artichokes, portabella mushroom, sun dried tomato, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, avocado, and lots of mixed organic greens. So much veggie! So much love!


And it was all glazed in a balsamic dressing that brought out all of the beautiful, fresh veggie flavors. It was pretty much a perfect sandwich. And it was enormous, but I finished the whole thing, but it’s okay because it was veggies and whole grain bread so it’s all good!


I love love loved The Hummus House! This Allentonian hidden gem is a must-try if you’re there for a visit or go to school there like me! P.S. Muhlenberg people, they have a student discount with your ’Berg ID! I’m so pumped for school to start for so many reasons, and it’s time to add a reason to the list– MANY trips to The Hummus House!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK TO MUHLENBERG HAVE I MENTIONED THIS I’M SO EXCITED YAY.

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